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Silent scenes of Brian DePalma


DePalma gets busy with the dialogue free sequences and let’s the music do the talking. “Dressed to Kill” “Body Double”

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A few films that capture the art of DJing. La Haine – directed by Mathieu Kassovitz Meticulously crafted scene that ends with a riveting crane shot.   Juice – directed by Ernest R. Dickerson Some may prefer the battle scene, but for me the shots of Q putting together a tape capture the joyous solitude […]

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The Last Angel of History


“The Last Angel of History” is 1995 experimental documentary directed by John Akomfrah, steeped in the connections between science and black culture. The film plays with time, space, and history in creating an unpredictable shorthand of AfroFuturism. It reminds me a lot of Chris Marker’s work, especially “Sans Soleil” with the carefully delivered narration, except […]

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Color Me Radd


A few favorites that kill it with the use of color in art direction and lighting. “Contempt” by Jean-Luc Godard     “The Conformist” by Bernardo Bertolucci “The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, & Her Lover” by Peter Greenaway

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Spot The Reference: “The Friends of Eddie Coyle” vs “The Town”


“The Friends of Eddie Coyle” is one of those petty crime movies that only the 70’s could produce. During the opening scene of “The Town” they give a nice little homage to the film when they set the bank teller free in the same manner. “The Town”                 […]

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Film Art of Issac Julien


Issac Julien works that nerve between art and filmmaking. Many of his films require multi-screen installations for viewing, while his documentary “Baadasss Cinema” explored the 70’s blaxploitation genre. Julien’s more experimental stuff is hard to come by outside of the gallery, but take a look at some stills and a segment from the film “Baltimore”. […]

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Harmony Korine on Letterman


Back in the 90’s Harmony Korine made three appearances on “The Late Show with David Letterman” and each one is more bizarre than the next. Hopefully there will be a fourth installment in the future. 1995 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q4JIkmzWfn0 1997 1998 http://youtu.be/4-IGcCfLdAo

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Spot the Reference: “Night of the Hunter” vs. “Do The Right Thing”


“Night of the Hunter” is a noir classic that features Robert Mitchum in a legendary role as a crooked preacher. Although actor Charles Laughton only directed this one film, Spike Lee gave him a shout out in “Do The Right Thing”.  

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Sound Off


Although we left the golden age of silent film over 75 years ago, some movies are still better (or at least just as good) with the audio on mute. 1) Pretty much anything by Dario Argento The king of Giallo is unfortunately not the king of great dialogue or logical stories for that matter. Most […]

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