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The Last Angel of History


“The Last Angel of History” is 1995 experimental documentary directed by John Akomfrah, steeped in the connections between science and black culture. The film plays with time, space, and history in creating an unpredictable shorthand of AfroFuturism. It reminds me a lot of Chris Marker’s work, especially “Sans Soleil” with the carefully delivered narration, except […]

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Color Me Radd


A few favorites that kill it with the use of color in art direction and lighting. “Contempt” by Jean-Luc Godard     “The Conformist” by Bernardo Bertolucci “The Cook, The Thief, His Wife, & Her Lover” by Peter Greenaway

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Film Art of Issac Julien


Issac Julien works that nerve between art and filmmaking. Many of his films require multi-screen installations for viewing, while his documentary “Baadasss Cinema” explored the 70’s blaxploitation genre. Julien’s more experimental stuff is hard to come by outside of the gallery, but take a look at some stills and a segment from the film “Baltimore”. […]

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Italy: The New Domestic Landscape


Starting in the mid-sixties something strange was brewing over in the architecture/design community in Italy. A group of young architects and designers were putting just as much focus on the social implications of design as the aesthetics. Their work was a direct response to all the high minded design taking places in Italy at the […]

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